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Get registry credentials

Views a set of registry credential data.

Required permission

Account > Credentials > General > Read Encrypted

Path parameters

    • credentialId

      string required

      ID of the registry credential

Response body

  • {object}

    Response object.

    • data

      {object} required

      Result data.

      • id

        string required

        Identifier for the credentials.

      • name

        string required

        Name of the saved credentials.

      • description

        string required

        Description of the saved credentials.

      • restrictions

        {object} required

        Data about whether the credentials are restricted to certain projects.

        • restricted

          boolean required

          Whether the credentials are restricted to specific projects.

        • projects

          [array] required

          An array of projects the credentials are restricted to, if applicable.

          • string

            The internal id of the project.

      • provider

        string required

        The registry provider associated with this set of credentials.

        one of
        dockerhub, gcr, gcr-eu, gcr-us, gitlab, github, custom
      • data

    JS Client

    GET /v1/registry-credentials/{credentialId}

    Example response

    200 OK

    Data about the registry credentials.


      "data": {
        "id": "example-credentials",
        "name": "Example Credentials",
        "description": "This is a set of saved credentials.",
        "restrictions": {
          "restricted": true,
          "projects": [
        "provider": "dockerhub",
        "data": {
          "https://index.docker.io/v1/": {
            "auth": "[YOUR AUTH KEY]"

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