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Get job health checks

Lists the health checks for the given job.

URL parameters

    • project

      string required

      ID of the project

    • job

      string required

      ID of the job

Response attributes

  • object

    • healthChecks

      array required

      An array of health checks.

      • object

        • protocol

          string required

          The protocol to access the health check with.

          one of: HTTP, TCP, HTTPS, CMD

        • type

          string required

          The type of health check.

          one of: livenessProbe, readinessProbe

        • path


          The path of the health check endpoint.

        • cmd

          The command to run for the health check.

        • httpPort

          HTTP port number for the health check endpoint.

        • tcpSocketPort

          TCP port number for the health check endpoint.

        • initialDelaySeconds

          integer required

          Initial delay, in seconds, before the health check is first run.

          min: 1

        • periodSeconds

          integer required

          The time between each check, in seconds.

          min: 1

        • timeoutSeconds

          integer required

          min: 1

        • failureThreshold

          integer required

          The maximum number of allowed failures.

          min: 1

        • successThreshold

          The number of successes required to mark the health check as a success.


GET /v1beta/projects/{project}/jobs/{job}/health-checks

Example response

200 OK

Details about the health checks for the service.


  "healthChecks": [
      "protocol": "HTTPS",
      "type": "readinessProbe",
      "path": "/health-check",
      "httpPort": 3000,
      "initialDelaySeconds": 10,
      "periodSeconds": 60,
      "timeoutSeconds": 1,
      "failureThreshold": 3,
      "successThreshold": 1

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