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Get service deployment details

Gets information about the deployment of the given service.

URL parameters

    • project

      string required

      ID of the project

    • service

      string required

      ID of the service

Response attributes

  • (multiple options)

    • object

      Service deploying a Northflank entity

      • internal

        object required

        • appId

          string required

          Full identifier of deployed entity

        • nfObjectId

          string required

          Database ID of deployed entity

        • nfObjectType

          string required

          Type of deployed entity

        • repository

          string required

          URL of the repository being deployed

        • branch

          string required

          Branch of the repo being deployed

        • buildSHA

          string required

          Commit SHA being deployed. 'latest' means the latest commit is automatically being deployed.


    • object

      Service deploying an external image

      • external

        object required

        • imagePath

          string required

          Path of the external image excluding the hostname

        • registryProvider

          string required

          Registry provider hosting the external image

          one of: dockerhub, gcr-eu, gcr-us, gitlab, github

        • privateImage

          boolean required

          Does the image require authentication


GET /v1beta/projects/{project}/services/{service}/deployment

Example response

200 OK

Deployment data


  "internal": {
    "appId": "/example-user/default-project/example-service",
    "nfObjectId": "5f3bd676b84798d54472d1cc",
    "nfObjectType": "service",
    "repository": "",
    "branch": "master",
    "buildSHA": "latest"

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