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Build Services

Build services build images from a linked Git repository (supported Git services). They are highly configurable, and when used in a Pipeline and linked to a Deployment service they form a key component of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery on Northflank. The build service dashboard will display all the linked Deployment services.

Creating a Build Service

You can edit most aspects of a Build service after it is created - apart from the name and the linked Git repository.

To create a Build Service:

  1. Select your Project
  2. Choose Service from the Create new drop-down menu in the top right corner of the dashboard
  3. Select Build service type
  4. Enter a Service name and description. You must give each Service in your Project a unique name.
  5. Choose the Git service which contains the repository you want to build from
  6. Select the Repository from the drop-down list. Read more about adding your Git account with Northflank. If you're a member of a team, and your team administrator has restricted the team to a namespace, you need a linked account with access to that namespace.
  7. Enter your pull request and branch build rules. You can enter and select multiple rules, and you can add rules for both pull requests and branches.
  8. Enter your Docker build context, or leave as default (root)
  9. Enter the location of your Dockerfile, or leave as default (root)
  10. Select a Plan with the appropriate resources for the service
  11. Click Create service
Creating Build Service

Using a Build Service

To use a Build service in a Pipeline you must have built a commit.

To manually trigger a new build:

  1. Select your Project
  2. Select Services from the Project menu
  3. Select your Build service from the Project Services page
  4. Click Build in the top-right of the header or open the Code tab
  5. Choose the pull request or branch that contains the commit you want to build
  6. Find the commit you want to build and click the wrench icon to start building
  7. Wait for the Build status next to the commit to complete, or navigate to the Builds tab to monitor its progress
  8. If the build is unsuccessful, navigate to the Builds tab and click on the build to review the logs
  9. If the build is successful, you can deploy it in a Pipeline using a Deployment service

To enable Continuous Integration:

  1. Select your Project
  2. Select Services from the Project menu
  3. Select your Build service from the Project Services page
  4. Toggle Build latest to enabled
  5. Push a new commit to a branch or pull request that your build service is configured to build from

Build Service Options


Configure build options and add, edit, or delete build arguments.


Select commits from pull requests and branches to build.


View logs of current and past builds, abort current builds.


Change the plan to allocate more or less resources to your build service.


View the charges associated with the service.

Delete service

You can delete the service from the billing page. Deleting a Build Service will remove it from any Deployment Services it is linked to.

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