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This section covers the basics of Northflank services, by explaining the different service types (Combined, Build, and Deployment) and how to create and repurpose services.

In this section you will learn:

  • How to choose the right type of service for your needs
  • How to create, configure, use, and update services
  • The core features and concepts relating to services

Service Basics

Services are one of the fundamental features of Northflank where you can link Git repositories or external Docker images to be built and deployed. Using services, you will be able to do the following:

  • Build, run, and serve your Docker images
  • Configure Docker build options, environment variables, and build arguments
  • Manage ports, domain names, and security options
  • Check the status of builds and instances
  • Manage your service with continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD), allocate and scale resources
  • See usage and billing

Service Types

Northflank provides flexibility for your projects by offering different types of services: Combined services, Build services, and Deployment services. Each of the service types offers different functionality:

  • Build services enable you to manually or automatically build commits to branches or pull requests from a linked Git repository. Choose this option if you want to build an image from a repository and create your own Pipeline.
  • Deployment services allow you to serve built images from Northflank or from external image registries. Choose this option if you already have a Docker image, or you want to create your own Pipeline on Northflank.
  • Combined services build and deploy from a linked Git repository, giving you a complete continuous integration and delivery pipeline in one service. Choose this option if you want to build and serve your code but don't need a multi-stage Pipeline.

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