Teams enable Users to collaborate on Projects. A Team account is similar to a User account, and will allow you and your Team members to use the same Services, Jobs, Pipelines, and more.

You can manage Team members with role-based access control (RBAC), creating different levels of access and permissions for Users.

You can also manage API access by creating API key templates for Team members to use.

You will learn how to:

  • create a Team on Northflank
  • invite collaborators to a Team
  • join and access a Team
  • manage Team members using Roles

This section also refers to:

  • managing team API keys
  • team Billing

Creating a Team

You can create as many Teams as needed. Yet in most cases, it suffices to create one team and manage access with role-based access control.

If you need to invoice different accounts for Projects, you will need to create a new Team to add different billing details.

To create a new team:

  1. Sign in to your User account
  2. Click Team inside the Create new drop-down menu in the top right corner of the window
  3. Fill in your Team name and Description
  4. Insert your Contact & Billing Email address
Add new team
  1. Add your Card Details
  2. Fill out the Create your first project form

Inviting collaborators to a Team

You can invite collaborators to join a Team using their email address.

If the invited User already has a Northflank account, they will receive an invitation email and a notification on Northflank. If the invitee's email address does not have a Northflank account associated with it, they will receive an email inviting them to join the Team and create a new User account.

To invite someone to join your Team:

  1. Select your Team from the top-left corner menu
  2. Click Team Settings in the same menu or the settings button (cog icon) in the bottom-left of the dashboard
  3. Open the Members tab
  4. Click the Add New Members button
  5. Enter the member's Email address
  6. Click the + (plus) button in the input field
  7. Repeat for as many members as you need to invite
  8. Click Done to exit
  9. (Optional) Click the + (plus) button in the invited member's list of Roles to assign new Roles to the invited User
Invite team members

Removing a team member from the Team

Only members who are granted team permissions can remove other members. To remove a member:

  1. Select your Team in the top-left corner
  2. Click Team Settings in the same menu or the settings button (cog icon) in the bottom-left of the dashboard
  3. Open the Members tab
  4. Click the Remove button next to the member in the Current members list. Be aware, removing a user from the team will remove them from services they are the creator of.
Team members overview

Joining a Team

To join a Team, provide the administrator with the email address of your existing Northflank account, or the email address you would like to use with Northflank.

If you have been invited to a Team using the address associated with your Existing Northflank account, you will receive a notification in the Northflank dashboard. You can also join via an invitation link sent to your inbox.

If your email is not yet associated with a Northflank account, you will receive an invitation link. The linked page will prompt you to create a new User account. Once created, your account will be a member of the Team.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

You can manage the permissions of your team members using role-based access control. Roles can be given specific permissions based on CRUD operations for the different Northflank resources (Projects, Services, Jobs, Pipelines, and Addons). Roles can also be restricted to certain Projects, and be given permissions to manage aspects of the Team itself.

You can view Roles and the permissions they grant to assigned members in the Roles tab in Team Settings.

Default roles

When you create a Team you are given the irrevocable role of Owner. This Role grants all permissions across the entire Team account and cannot be assigned to other Users.

When you invite a user to a team they are automatically assigned the Default role, which cannot be removed. We recommend you check and modify the permissions granted by the Default role when you create your Team.

Creating and editing Roles

The Team owner can create and edit Roles in Team settings. The same goes for members that have been assigned Roles granting them the necessary permissions.

Adding a new Role

  1. Open the Roles tab in the Team settings page
  2. Click Add New Role
  3. Enter a Role Name and Description
  4. Select the Project permissions you want to grant for the new Role
  5. (Optional) Restrict the new Role to specific Projects
  6. (Optional) Give the new Role permissions to manage the Team
  7. (Optional) Assign the role to existing Members
  8. Click Submit
Add new role

Editing a Role

  1. Open the Roles tab in the Team settings page
  2. Select the Role you want to edit in the left-hand menu
  3. Modify any aspect of the Role, the same as during Role creation
  4. Click Submit
You cannot edit the Owner role. You cannot edit the name or description of the Default role.

Removing a Role

  1. Open the Roles tab in the Team settings page
  2. Select the Role you want to delete in the left-hand menu
  3. Click Delete in the Role view

The Role will be removed from any Users it was assigned to.

You cannot delete the Owner or Default Roles.

Adding and removing Roles from Users

To add or remove Roles from a User in a Team:

  1. Open the Members tab in the Team Settings section
  2. Find the User in the Current or Invited lists of Team members
  3. Click the + (plus) button in the member's list of Roles
  4. Check the box next to any Roles you want to assign to the User, uncheck the box for any Roles you want to remove from the User
Assigning a role
You cannot remove the Default role from any User. You cannot remove the Owner role nor assign it to other Users.

Managing Team API keys

You can manage API access by creating API key templates and restricting them to certain roles. Users will then be able to create API keys based on these templates.

Learn more about creating API key templates and keys.

Team Billing

The Billing tab provides an overview of the costs the Team has incurred during the present month, the cards connected to the team account, and a history of invoice receipts.

All resources, such as Services, Jobs, Addons, used in Team Projects will be charged to the Team account. User accounts will not be charged for resources created in a Team.

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