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👋 Join us on the crusade for multi-cloud abstraction, fully automated DevOps and lower cloud bills. We will be rolling out access to our exclusive partners over the coming weeks.

🏆 Your benefits

    Save 30-50% on your existing cloud bills
    Merge Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment
    Unlock Northflank Status
    Influence in shaping the Northflank platform
    Make DevOps more accessible & reduce barriers to entry
    No server management or configuration files

🚄 Highlights from Day One

    Global Coverage w/Europe, US, India, Asia, Australia
    Team accounts, fine grained RBAC control, Pipelines and Projects
    Spin up preview and production deployments in seconds via API
    We're running on: Digital Ocean, AWS, GCE, Azure, OVH
    Anything that can be run and built in Docker we support
    Par for the course: Zero-downtime deployments, scaling, multi-region load-balancing, real-time logging and metrics

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