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JS Client

Addons /

Get addon

Gets information about the given addon

Required permission

Project > Addons > General > Read

Path parameters

    • projectId

      string required

      ID of the project

    • addonId

      string required

      ID of the addon

Response body

  • {object}

    Response object.

    • data

      {object} required

      Result data.

      • id

        string required

        Identifier for the addon.

      • name

        string required

        Addon name.

      • appId

        string required

        Full identifier for the addon.

      • description


        A short description of the addon.

      • createdAt

        date required

        The time the addon was created.

      • status

        string required

        The current state of the addon.

        one of
        preDeployment, triggerAllocation, allocating, postDeployment, running, paused, scaling, upgrading, backup, restore, failed, deleting, deleted
      • spec

        {object} required

        Details about the addon's specifications.

        • type

          string required

          The type of the addon

        • config

          {object} required

          Details about the addon configuration.

          • versionTag

            string required

            The version of the addon running.

          • lifecycleStatus

            string required

            The support status of the current addon version.

            one of
            active, deprecated, discontinued
          • deployment

            {object} required

            Details about the addon deployment.

            • replicas

              integer required

              The number of replicas running for this addon.

            • storageClass

              string required

              The type of storage used by the addon.

            • storageSize

              number required

              The size of the addon storage, in MB.

            • planId

              string required

              The deployment plan used by the addon.

            • region

              string required

              The region where the addon is deployed.

          • networking

            {object} required

            Details about the addon networking settings.

            • tlsEnabled

              boolean required

              Whether this addon is provisioned with a TLS certificate.

            • externalAccessEnabled

              boolean required

              Whether this addon is publicly accessible via the internet.

            • ipPolicies


              An array of IP policy rules.

              • {object}

                Data about an IP policy rule.

                • address

                  string required

                  An IP address used by this rule.

                • action

                  string required

                  The action for this rule.

                  one of
                  DENY, ALLOW
JS Client

GET /v1/projects/{projectId}/addons/{addonId}

Example response

200 OK

Details about the addon.


  "data": {
    "id": "example-addon",
    "name": "Example Addon",
    "appId": "/example-user/default-project/example-addon",
    "description": "This is the addon description",
    "createdAt": "2021-01-20T11:19:53.175Z",
    "status": "running",
    "spec": {
      "type": "mongodb",
      "config": {
        "versionTag": "4.2.14",
        "lifecycleStatus": "active",
        "deployment": {
          "replicas": 1,
          "storageClass": "ssd",
          "storageSize": 4096,
          "planId": "nf-compute-20",
          "region": "europe-west"
        "networking": {
          "tlsEnabled": true,
          "externalAccessEnabled": true,
          "ipPolicies": [
              "address": "",
              "action": "ALLOW"

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