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Find guides on how to build, deploy, and scale your code on Northflank.

How-to guides

Build your code

Build your code from your Git repositories using Docker or buildpacks, inject build arguments, and configure build triggers for CI.

Run your code

Deploy services and run jobs from your Northflank builds and images from container registries.

Manage releases

Configure continuous integration and deployment for builds and deployment services, and create pipelines with release flows to manage your release workflows.

Infrastructure as code

Automate workflows, share deployments, and automate complex tasks using Northflank templates.

Observe logs, metrics, and container health

View logs and metrics and configure health checks for your containers to ensure performance and uptime. Integrate with log sinks and create notifications.

Scale with Northflank

Scale your deployments horizontally and vertically on Northflank by increasing computing power, memory, storage, and the number of running instances or replicas for all your workloads.

Stateful workloads

Add databases and persistent storage that easily integrate and scale with your Northflank workloads.


Configure public and private ports for your Northflank workloads, and add security with IP policies and basic authentication.

Security on Northflank

Protect your infrastructure and data on Northflank with multi-factor authentication, securely injected secrets, network security, and role-based access control.

Domains on Northflank

Manage your domains on Northflank, quickly and easily assigning them to your deployments.


Invite your team to join you on Northflank and work together seamlessly, at no extra cost. Configure role-based access control to the Northflank application and API.

Use other cloud providers with Northflank

Use all the features of the Northflank platform on other cloud hosting platforms, with control over your own infrastructure.

Billing on Northflank

Northflank's standard usage-based billing model only charges you for the resources your services consume. You can also use Northflank with you own cloud provider or on your own servers.

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