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Run an image continuously

You can run an image built on Northflank from your linked Git repositories as a continuous service.

Enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) will allow you to automatically run your latest code when a new commit is pushed to your repository's branches and/or pull requests.

Deployment services can be added to a pipeline to create complex workflows.

Alternatively you can build and run from one repository branch in a single combined service.

You can run an image built on Northflank continuously using a deployment service.

Create a new deployment service, and select Northflank as the deployment source. After creating the service select configure deployment from the service overview to choose a repository and branch to deploy builds from.

You can also deploy from Northflank by adding your deployment service to a stage in your pipeline. Select your build service from the pipeline menu, find the build you want to deploy from the list and deploy the build to the service.

Alternatively you can link a branch or pull request from the repository, which will automatically deploy the latest build available. If CI is enabled, this means new commits to the branch or pull request will be automatically built and deployed.

You can build and run an image from a Git provider in a single service using a combined service. This is a self-contained CI/CD pipeline, and so cannot be used in pipelines like build and deployment services.

You can select a branch from a linked repository to build from, but cannot specify build rules to build from multiple branches or from pull requests. With CI enabled, the service will automatically build the latest commit to your linked branch.

You can enable CD for your combined service to automatically deploy the latest build from your linked repository. Alternatively you can select commits to manually build and deploy from the builds page.

You can choose whether to build using a Dockerfile or a Buildpack.

Read the getting started guide for more detail on combined services.

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