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Get production-ready on Northflank

Northflank provides the tooling, infrastructure, and security required to confidently run and manage your production workloads. Once you have successfully configured your team and set up your project essentials, we recommend using the following features to prepare for production. If you need a refresher on any of the Northflank basics, please review our getting started guide.

Release deployments with:

  • Release flows to automate every aspect of a release, from database operations to promoting images, with quick roll backs
  • GitOps to trigger a release on git push
  • CI/CD to automatically build and deploy, with rules for specific branches, commit messages, and file changes
  • Manual build and deploy to quickly override your default configuration
  • Migrations that can be run before, or with, a release
  • Zero downtime using health checks and high-availability databases

Manage your persistent storage with:

  • Managed database, file storage, and message-queue addons
  • Secure private and public networking to access your addons
  • Secret groups to inject connection details into your workloads
  • Manual and automatic backups
  • One-click data restore
  • Persistent volumes for workloads

Monitor and analyse your production environment with:

  • Logs and third-party log sinks
  • Detailed metrics
  • Shell access to your running containers
  • Notifications for events in your project or account, alerts for infrastructure usage and issues, and account spend
  • Autoscaling to automatically scale to meet demand
  • Health checks to restart crashed containers

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