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Create a team

To create a team on Northflank you must first have a user account. You can select team from the create new menu and enter a team name and contact email.

Your team name must be unique and will be used to refer to resources in your team's projects, and used to generate Northflank DNS entries for your deployment's public ports. Your team email address will receive important notifications and billing information.

After verifying your team email you will be prompted to link a Git account, add a payment method, and create a project.

Any resources consumed by your team will be billed to the team, and only the payment method linked to the team account will be charged.

Creating a team in the Northflank application

Invite members to your team

You can invite members to your team from the members page under your team's account settings.

You can invite one or more users to join your team by their email address. If they do not already have a Northflank account they will be prompted to create one, but they do not need to add payment information to use the team account.

You can set roles for invited users, and modify them on the members page afterwards. If a user has not yet accepted their invitation to join the team they will appear in the invited members section.

To allow team members to create API tokens to access team resources, you must first create an API token template.

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