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Set up a pipeline

Pipelines on Northflank allow you to create and manage complex continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows.

By adding your project's resources to a pipeline and creating release flows for each stage, you can automate your releases from development through to production.

Pipelines and release flows allow you to manage building and deploying your code, backing up data and running migrations, promoting deployed images from one stage to the next, and more.

This guide will take you through creating a pipeline, a build service, and a deployment service, and then populating a pipeline stage and configuring a simple release flow to deploy code built on Northflank.

Create a pipeline

To create a pipeline:

  1. Click here , or choose pipeline from the create new drop-down menu in the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Enter a name
  3. Click create pipeline

Create a build service

You can configure most aspects of a build service after it is created - except the name.

  1. Click here , or open the create new menu in the top right corner of the dashboard and select service
  2. Select build
  3. Basic information: enter a name for your service
  4. Repository: select the repository from the drop-down list and choose the branch you want to build from
  5. Repository: enter your pull request and branch build rules, or leave blank to build all new commits. You can set multiple rules, and you can add rules for both pull requests and branches.
  6. Build options: choose Dockerfile if you have a custom Dockerfile in your registry, or buildpack to automatically build your application. If your Dockerfile and/or build context are not root, specify the relative paths.
  7. Environment variables (optional): you can set runtime variables and build arguments here, if required
  8. Resources: set the compute plan to suit your build
  9. Click create service

Create deployment services

You can configure most aspects of a deployment service after it is created - except the name.

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