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Production operations

Once you’ve deployed your code to production, you can use Northflank’s observability tooling and autoscaling to monitor and grow your applications and microservices.

  • Logs: access container logs in the application, via the CLI or API, or send to third-party log processors
  • Metrics: view detailed metrics for individual containers, or combined metrics for all running containers for a resource
  • Shell access: run commands or access an interactive terminal in your running containers
  • Notifications: receive notifications for events via different integrations, and configure alerts for your infrastructure and spend
  • Autoscaling: enable autoscaling for your services so they can respond to unexpected increases in demand

This guide will help you understand how to monitor and analyse your deployments and storage on Northflank, so you can choose the most suitable method for your project. Each topic provides links to in-depth documentation on the relevant features.

Container view

You can click on a container for a service or job to view logs, metrics, health checks, and gain shell access.

Select the drop-down next to the container name to view another container, or select all containers to view logs and metrics from all containers for the service.

A list of running and terminated containers in the Northflank application

Access container logs

Accessing and searching logs can be vital to ensure your code is running as expected, and to diagnose any issues.

You can click on a container for a service or job in the Northflank application to view logs for that container, or select all containers from the dropdown in the header to view combined logs from all containers for the service.

Viewing build logs from a build in the Northflank application

Logs contain all messages produced by your code that output to stdout or stderr and can be searched using plain text or regex. By default logs are shown with live tailing, but you can also select a custom time range using the dropdown menu.

You can also live tail logs using the Northflank CLI, or with the JavaScript Client.

Log sinks

You can configure log sinks to forward logs from your services and jobs to third-party aggregators or external storage. These tools can help you filter and analyse logs, store logs for regulatory purposes, and collect logs from different sources.

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