DockerHub (registry.hub.docker.com)

To authenticate to DockerHub simply enter your DockerHub username and password. Alternatively you can create an access token to use in place of your password.

Google Container Registry (gcr.io)

To authenticate to a Google Container Registry, select the registry location from the drop-down. Create a Google service account, download the keyfile , and import it to Northflank.

GitHub Container Registry (ghcr.io)

To authenticate to GitHub Container Registry you should enable Improved container support on your GitHub account.

GitLab (registry.gitlab.com)

To authenticate to GitLab enter your username and personal access token . If you are using a self-hosted GitLab instance, make sure you use your own domain for verification and image paths (for example registry.yourdomain.com).

You can alternatively authenticate to a container registry by providing your Docker config.json, which consists of your username and password/token encoded in base 64, separated by a colon.

  "auths": {
    "[registry authentication url]": {
      "auth": "[Your auth key (username:password in base 64)]"

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