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Introduction to Northflank

Northflank is the full-stack cloud platform. Seamlessly build, deploy and scale your code, jobs and databases.

Northflank allows you to:

  • Build and deploy code written in any language, using any framework, with a Dockerfile or a Buildpack.

  • Link your preferred version control platform and Northflank can automatically build and deploy every commit you make, or you can create rules for specific branches and pull requests.

  • Work in real time. All actions, updates and changes are instantly reflected in the user interface, resulting in unparalleled developer experience.

  • Create team accounts at no extra cost, with all the features of user accounts. The real-time user interface shows you what your team members are working on so you can work together seamlessly and granular role-based access control means you can securely give your developers access to exactly what they need.

  • Deploy databases & other storage solutions such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis & MinIO at the click of a button and connect these with your services to create fully stateful applications.

  • Run your code on a schedule or as and when you need to with cron and manual jobs. As with services, a job can build and run any code with a Dockerfile — or use an existing Docker image from a public or private registry.

  • Set up dedicated development, staging and production environments with pipelines. When you are happy with a development build, simply promote it to another linked deployment service in the next stage.

Getting started

All you need to get started is an account on a Git provider such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, and a code repository. You can build your application automatically using a Buildpack, or include a Dockerfile for more control.

Within minutes you will be able to build and run your code, deploy websites and micro-services, create development pipelines, configure secure networking and much more.

The getting started section contains walkthrough guides to get you up-and-running on Northflank. They follow the in-app onboarding achievements, which can be found under the rocket button in the top-right of the application.

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