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Build code from a self-hosted VCS

Teams can add their own self-hosted version control services (VCS) to Northflank and build from repositories as with any other Git provider linked to the account.

Northflank currently supports GitLab Enterprise/Community Edition.

Click here to link a git service.

Add a self-hosted VCS

To add a self-hosted VCS navigate to the Git section, underneath integrations on the team settings page, click 'add a self-hosted VCS' and select the type of VCS you would like to integrate. Follow the application specific instructions to integrate your self-hosted VCS. You can choose how team members can access the repositories on the self-hosted VCS after adding it to Northflank.

Add a self-hosted GitLab instance

Navigate to your GitLab service and create a new OAuth application at [YOUR URL]/profile/applications or [YOUR URL]/admin/applications if you are an administrator. Give the application the api scope and set the Redirect URI as specified on Northflank.

On Northflank enter the root domain of your self-hosted GitLab, e.g., the application ID and the secret from the OAuth application.

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