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Build code from a self-hosted VCS

Teams can add their own self-hosted version control services (VCS) to Northflank. Northflank currently supports GitLab Enterprise/Community Edition.

To add a self-hosted VCS navigate to the Git section, underneath integrations on the team settings page, click 'add a self-hosted VCS' and select the type of VCS you would like to integrate. Follow the application specific instructions to integrate your self-hosted VCS.

You can then link one or more accounts from the self-hosted VCS and control the available namespaces for each account.

Adding a self-hosted GitLab instance

You will need to navigate to your GitLab service and create a new OAuth application at [YOUR URL]/profile/applications or [YOUR URL]/admin/applications if you are an administrator. Give the application the api scope and set the Redirect URI as specified on Northflank.

On Northflank enter the root domain of your self-hosted GitLab, e.g. gitlab.yourdomain.com, the application ID and the secret.

Self-hosted VCS settings

Settings for a self-hosted VCS can be configured by navigating to the team account's Git integrations page and clicking the options button on the card for the self-hosted VCS.

Personal or team use

Allow personal use to let team members access the self-hosted VCS in their user account. Team members will need to link their own account on the VCS service to Northflank in their user account settings.

If you select team use only team members will only be able to use the self-hosted VCS to build and run from available repositories in team projects.

Restricted & unrestricted access

You can restrict access to the repositories in your self-hosted VCS by selecting specific contexts. Restrictions are manged on an account level.

Team members will be able to build and run from repositories belonging to the selected contexts.

Unrestricted access means team members will be able to create services and jobs from every repository that the linked account can access.

Next steps

You can now build registries from your own VCS service as you would with any other Git provider linked to your account

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