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Deploy MinIO on Northflank

This guide explains how to quickly and easily deploy and use MinIO on Northflank.

Available versionsDescriptionBackupsTLS
2023.3.13, 2022.12.12MinIO is a High Performance Object Storage with an Amazon S3 cloud storage service compatible API.DiskYes
On some UNIX systems, the MinIO client mc may also be aliased to mcli.

Deploy MinIO

  1. Choose addon from the create new menu in the top right corner of the dashboard

  2. Select MinIO and enter a name

  3. Choose a version or leave as default (most recent version)

  4. Choose whether to deploy with TLS. This can be changed later.

  5. Choose whether to make MinIO publicly accessible. This will give your addon a URL and make it available online. TLS must be enabled to select this.

  6. If you have secret groups in your project, choose ones to link to the addon so that MinIO can be used in services and jobs that inherit variables from the secret group. To link MinIO to a secret group:

    • Show secret groups and configure the secret groups you wish to use
    • Select suggested secrets from MinIO to link, or select all
    • Set any required aliases for specific secrets to make them accessible by that name within your application
  7. Select the required resources for your MinIO deployment. You can scale MinIO after creation, but available storage and replicas cannot be decreased once increased.

  8. Create addon and MinIO will begin provisioning, this may take a few minutes.

Connect to MinIO

You can manually copy the connection secrets for MinIO from the connection details page into runtime variables or build arguments of your workloads on Northflank.

However, it is much easier to link your storage's connection details to a new or existing secret group.

The necessary secrets to connect your workload will vary depending on the application in your workload.

You can connect to your MinIO storage using the endpoint URL which takes the format [http|https]://[host][:port], or MINIO_CONNECT_COMMAND for command-line clients. On some UNIX systems, the MinIO client mc may also be aliased to mcli.

You can supply connections details and secrets such as host, port, and accessKey to your workload if your application requires them.

Available ports

Internal portExternal portProtocolURL prefix

Automatically inherit MinIO connection details into your workload

  1. Create a new secret group of runtime variables to connect in the running workload
  2. Show addons and configure your addon with either the MINIO_ENDPOINT or select connection details and secrets
  3. Set the aliases required in your workload to access the secrets
  4. Enable apply secrets to specific services/jobs and select the workloads you want to access the database
  5. Create secret group
  6. Go to one of the workloads that inherits from the group and check the environment page, you should see the inherited variables from the secret group

The connection string or secrets will now be available in your workload under the configured aliases, and your application will be able to connect to MinIO using them.

Access MinIO

You can access MinIO using the MinIO client (mc, may be aliased to mcli on some systems), or open the MinIO console in a browser.

Secure local access

To forward your MinIO addon for local access using the Northflank CLI, copy and execute the forward addon command from the local access section of the overview.

You can then use the MINIO_CONNECT_COMMAND from the connection details page to access your MinIO deployment using the command-line client or the MINIO_ENDPOINT to access in a browser, using the ACCESS_KEY and SECRET_KEY to authenticate.

External access

To access your MinIO storage externally, ensure deploy with TLS and publicly accessible are enabled on the settings page under networking. The connection details will be updated to include an external endpoint, external ports, and an external connect command.

MinIO specifications

Maximum requests

By default, a MinIO addon will calculate the maximum number of API requests to accept based on the available memory. You can increase the available memory by selecting the compute plan on the addon's resources page.

You can also manually set the maximum number of API requests to handle using the MinIO client:

mc admin config set myminio/ api requests_max=1600
mc admin service restart myminio/

Setting requests_max to 0 will set the maximum requests to default, calculated on the memory available to the addon.

Requests deadline

Setting the requests deadline allows long waiting requests to time out when MinIO is unable to process the request. The default value, if requests_max is set, is 10 seconds.

mc admin config set myminio/ api requests_max=1600 requests_deadline=2m
mc admin service restart myminio/

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