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Link a domain to a port

You can point your domains or subdomains at specific ports on Northflank services. To do this, you will need to link your domain to a port entry on a service.


You'll need the following to get started:

Linking a domain to a port in a deployment service in the Northflank application

Open the ports & DNS page on the service that contains the port you want to link a subdomain to, and find the entry for the port. Expand the custom domains & security rules view (the port must be public).

Click add custom domain and find the subdomain you wish to associate with the port in the list. If it is not present, click manage domains to add it to your account. You can repeat this for as many subdomains as you want to add.

You can also choose to disable the default domain generated by Northflank.

After saving your changes Northflank will automatically generate TLS certificates for your subdomain. It should redirect to the specified port on your deployment soon after saving, without requiring a service restart.

Open the domains page in your account settings and find the subdomain you want to link to a port. You can also search for the domain by name.

Find the subdomain listed in the domain entry and select the service and port you want to link to the subdomain from the drop-down menus.

Click save changes at the bottom of the page to review and confirm the update.

Northflank will automatically generate a TLS certificate for your subdomain, and it will redirect to your specified port soon after saving.

You can edit multiple linked ports at a time.

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