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Increase storage

Your runtime instances have access to 1GB of ephemeral storage by default to allow your workloads to download and process data.

Ephemeral storage will be erased when the container is restarted or terminated, and the data lost. Ephemeral storage is allocated to each running container, and cannot be shared between multiple containers.

Ephemeral storage is available in combined services, deployment services, and jobs.

Scale ephemeral storage

You can increase the ephemeral storage available to containers in a service or job by expanding advanced resource options in the resources section.

This can be done during creation, or from the resource page of an existing service or job.

Running deployments will be restarted with the new amount of storage.

Increasing the ephemeral storage available to a deployment service in the Northflank application

Add persistent storage

You can make persistent storage available to deployments with a wide range of managed databases, which you can deploy easily and scale horizontally and vertically.

For other use cases you can also attach a persistent volume to a runtime instance.