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Run an image from a container registry

You can run images from container registries in three different ways on Northflank:

  • As a continuously running service
  • As a regularly scheduled cron job
  • As a manually-run job

You can create a new continuously-running deployment service, a scheduled cron job or a manual job with an external image as the source.

You will need to enter the full image path and, if the image is private, select the appropriate registry credentials. If you do not have the correct credentials saved to your account you can click the credentials drop-down and select 'add new credential'.

Image paths include the registry url, username, image, and sometimes version, in the format:


For example:


Northflank will automatically detect the registry and relevant credentials.

If you do not include the registry Northflank will default to Docker Hub, and if you do not specify an account Northflank will default to Library. nginx:latest would therefore become docker.io/library/nginx:latest

Northflank will attempt to automatically verify the image from the path you have entered. If the path cannot be verified, you will be prompted to either select your credentials or check the image path is correct.

If you do not have the necessary credentials saved, select Add new credential +.

If entering a path or selecting credentials fail to trigger automatic verification, you can manually verify by clicking the verify button above the image path field.

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