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See builds

You can find a list of builds on combined and build services, and jobs that deploy from a repository. The dashboard for your service will display the latest builds, and you can navigate to the builds page for a full history of builds.

Each listed build includes information including the branch, commit hash, and duration of the build, as well as buttons to start a new build, abort a build in progress, or deploy a specific build (in a combined service or job).

When a build is successful it is pushed to the Northflank container registry, ready to be deployed. The new build will be automatically deployed to any linked services with CD configured.

You can click through on each build to view live, detailed logs, metrics, and the status of health checks.

You can also build the image again and pull the image from the Northflank container registry from the individual build view.

Build statuses

Pending: the build is queued to start

Starting: the build process is starting

Cloning: the repository is being cloned

Building: the build is in progress

Uploading: the build was successful, and the image is being uploaded to Northflank

Successful: the build was completed, and the image is available on Northflank

Aborted: the build was cancelled by the user

Failed: the build could not be completed

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