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Set up a preview environment

Northflank's preview environment feature facilitates the automatic provisioning of resources and deployment of builds when you push commits to Git branches.

You can configure a preview environment template for each of your pipelines, and define Git triggers to create new preview environments when you push a commit to specific pull requests and branches.

A new preview environment will be created when you push a commit to a branch that matches your trigger rules, or, if the branch already has a preview environment, the existing preview environment will be updated.

Early access

Preview environments are in early access and subject to change. To request access for your account please contact support.
Click here to select a pipeline and create a preview environment in it.

Preview environment templates

Preview environments are defined with Northflank templates to provision resources such as deployment services, databases, and secret groups, and to build and deploy your commits. If you're not familiar with Northflank templates you can refer to the documentation for writing templates.

Editing a build source node for a preview environment template using the visual editor in the Northflank application.