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Northflank provides access to metrics from builds, running/terminated containers, addons, and job runs.

These metrics allow you to analyse builds and running containers to ensure your code is performant and without errors.

Metrics are collected and displayed on a 15-second scale and display the last 30 minutes of data, up until the container's termination.

View metrics

Container metrics can be viewed in:

  • a combined or deployment service by selecting an entry from the containers list
  • an addon by selecting an entry from the containers list
  • a job by selecting an entry from the list of containers for a job run

Build metrics can be viewed in:

  • a combined or build service by selecting an entry from the builds list
  • a job that builds from a repository by selecting an entry from the builds list

Viewing metrics across all containers or builds in a service will show logs from:

  • running and terminated containers deployed in a service
  • CI tracking build progress across parallel builds
  • parallel job runs triggered via cron schedule or API trigger
  • database masters and replicas

You can view metrics for:

  • CPU and memory usage
  • Network usage, showing ingress and egress in Mbps
  • Request duration, which includes views for different percentiles
  • Network requests, in operations per second
  • Opened TCP connections per second
  • Network 4XX and 5XX error responses

You can download the data in SVG, PNG, or CSV format from the menu in the top-right of the respective graph.

You can use the drop-down menu next to the instance name to select another container to view, or choose to view logs from all containers combined.

The instance header contains contextual information about the build or instance selected. You can open the dropdown menu to view more details.

Adjust metrics view

You can adjust the size and position of each graph according to your personal preferences.

Graphs can be enlarged up to three times, to take up the entire width of the metrics view, or decreased in size to take up 1/4 of the view.

You can also change the order of graphs by moving them right or left .

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