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Persistent storage in production

You can deploy many of the most popular databases on Northflank with one click, and enjoy a fully-managed experience for upgrading, scaling, and administering your persistent storage.

You can check the available types of Northflank addon here.

Using Northflank’s database as a service option allows you to easily:

  • Deploy in one click with minimal configuration
  • Dynamically import connection details to workloads
  • Access securely with TLS, private networking, or expose to the internet
  • Import data from a live database or dump file
  • Create a backup schedule or create manual backups
  • Restore from a backup
  • Scale vertically and horizontally
  • Upgrade version
  • Access metrics and receive alerts about your database

If you need to run a workload with persistent storage and have a use-case not covered by any available addons, you can create a persistent volume attached to a deployment. However, this comes with several limitations, and you are recommended to use Northflank addons wherever possible.

Import your production data

You can import your production data after creating an addon, the exact method depends on the type of addon.

For PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL you can import your data from either a dump backup of your database, or by providing a connection string to your live database.

You can only import one database by uploading a dump file, which will become the default database for the Northflank addon. Importing via connection string will allow you to import multiple databases.

Other addons have different methods to import data, such as command-line tools or web interfaces, which are detailed in their specific guides.

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