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Scale a database

You can increase the resources available to a database, including CPU and memory, storage space, and number of replicas.

You can increase the proportion of CPU and memory dedicated to a database on the resources page. Some databases have higher requirements than others, meaning lower compute plans will be unavailable for them.

See Northflank pricing plans for CPU and memory resources.

Scale storage

You can increase the storage space dedicated to a database on the resources page.

You should increase the storage space for your database once it is over 50% full.

You cannot reduce the storage space assigned to a database after increasing it.

Scale replicas

You can increase the number of replica sets your database will use to improve availability, each replica set contains a copy of the database.

Databases can be scaled up from the resources page but cannot be scaled down. Any increase will be permanent.

Please note that the behaviour of scaled databases differs by type:

Addon typeBehaviour
MongoDBIf a primary node becomes unavailable one of the replica nodes will be promoted to primary, supporting read/write operations
Redis, Postgres, MySQLIf a primary node becomes unavailable only read operations will be supported by replica nodes. Write operations will only be restored once the primary node is restored.
MinIOA forward error correction algorithm is employed for optimal storage usage. Half of the replicas can become unavailable before the storage becomes inaccessible. You cannot scale MinIO replicas after the addon has been created.

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