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Migrate your MinIO® deployment to Northflank

You can migrate your existing MinIO®* deployment or S3-compatible storage to Northflank with different strategies:

  • Site replication: if you are migrating from another MinIO deployment you can use site replication, which creates a two-way sync between MinIO deployments. Site replication synchronises your existing buckets and objects, as well as IAM, security tokens, access keys, and bucket-level configurations between deployments.

  • Mirror: if you are migrating from an S3-compatible storage service or do not want to enable two-way sync you can use the mirror command. This will create a one-way sync between your existing buckets and your Northflank addon.

  • Copy: if you are migrating from S3-compatible storage, another MinIO deployment, or your local/server filesystem and your storage is not actively being used (no new uploads, modifications, or deletions), you can use the copy command to move your bucket contents to Northflank.