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Share a template

You can easily share any of your existing Northflank templates with a link, which you can copy after creating your template. This link will allow anyone with a Northflank account or team to add the template to their own account and run it, meaning users can begin using your application quickly, easily, and with minimal configuration on their part.

You should ensure there are no secrets contained within your template before sharing it. If you have included arguments in your template, the user receiving the template must supply these in their own argument overrides.

You can click the link for a Northflank template to add it to your account. If you belong to one or more teams, you must select the account to add the template to.

You will then be directed to the new template form, automatically populated with the contents of the shared template. You can modify the template configuration before saving, for example to change the project or to enable GitOps to save the template to a repository. You can also add any required argument overrides for the template. Check the documentation or guide from the source of the template for instructions on configuration and usage of the deployed application(s).

After you have created the template you will be able to run it.


Northflank cannot guarantee that templates written by third parties will work correctly. You should always check the contents of a template before running it.

For example, if the template deploys a Docker image, is it the expected image from the right account?