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Seamlessly build, deploy and scale your code, jobs and databases. Operate your infrastructure in real-time with Northflank’s API, CLI & JavaScript client.

What you can do with the Northflank API

Deploy a website or microservice

Create a new deployment in seconds from an image built on Northflank or an external container registry.

Trigger a job run

Run a job with a simple API call. Update the environment variables or the Docker command before running.

Build via command line

Trigger a build of any commit to a repository via the command line and deploy it.

Create a database and connect immediately

Create a database addon and retrieve the credentials to begin using it as soon as it's spun up.

Manage secrets

Add groups of build arguments and environment variables to securely manage secrets for your services. Link credentials from a database or storage addon for immediate and easy access in your project.

Build a managed hosting platform for your OSS or SaaS

Build your own hosting platform on top of Northflank. Include as many Northflank features and options as you want while implementing your own UI, RBAC, billing, or any other features you require. Create, update, and delete projects, services, configurations, and everything else on behalf of your users.

And much, much more...

Northflank is a developer tools sandbox where you can unleash your potential. Programmatically combine features to build whatever you can imagine!

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