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JS Client

Domains /

Get subdomain

Gets details about the given subdomain

Required permission

Account > Domains > General > Read

Path parameters

    • domain

      string required

      Name of the domain

    • subdomain

      string required

      Name of the subdomain

Response body

  • {object}

    Response object.

    • data

      {object} required

      Result data.

      • recordType

        string required

        The record type to use for the DNS record to verify the subdomain - always CNAME for subdomains.

      • name

        string required

        The subdomain.

      • fullName

        string required

        The full domain name with subdomain

      • content

        string required

        The content to set the DNS record to

      • verified

        boolean required

        Whether the subdomain has been verified successfully and can be used.

JS Client

GET /v1/domains/{domain}/subdomains/{subdomain}

Example response

200 OK

Details about the subdomain.


  "data": {
    "recordType": "CNAME",
    "name": "site",
    "fullName": "site.example.com",
    "content": "site.example.com.user-1234.dns.northflank.app",
    "verified": true

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