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Pay an invoice

Northflank automatically charges your default payment method at the end of your monthly billing cycle, on the date specified on the billing page.

If the transaction fails for any reason, the relevant invoice will be marked as unpaid. You will need to act promptly and manually complete the payment to avoid a pause in service provision.

All services on your account will be paused after 7 days if the invoice remains unpaid, and you will not be able to create and new services. Any databases or storage volumes on your account will be deleted after this period.

An invoice in the Northflank application

Pay an overdue invoice

To pay an overdue invoice, navigate to the billing page in your account settings.

Find the overdue invoice in the list and click on it to follow the steps to complete the transaction manually.

If your payment has expired, or otherwise been cancelled or blocked, you will need to add a new payment method.

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