You can forward a service, database or storage for local access using the Northflank CLI.

You can view and copy the command to connect to a specific service, database or storage on its overview, in the local access section, or use the following commands:

  • To forward a specific service:

    sudo northflank forward service --projectId [project-name] --serviceId [service-name]
  • To forward a specific database or storage:

    sudo northflank forward addon --projectId [project-name] --addonId [addon-name]
  • To forward all ports in a project:

    sudo northflank forward all --projectId [project-name]

You can now access the service, database or storage locally.

Some databases can be configured to use TLS, and to be publicly exposed via TLS on the network settings page.

Enabling TLS means the database will use TLS for all internal connections.

Exposing a database using TLS will make it publicly available online, and new public connection strings will be available.

Please note some databases, such as MySQL, cannot enable or disable TLS after creation and will use the configuration they were created with.

Northflank uses a load balancer to direct traffic to your running containers, which means your services will not receive requests directly from user clients.

You can access the source IP of a request from the X-Forwarded-For header , which is attached to all HTTP/S requests by the Northflank load balancer.

You may need to define the number of proxies a request passes through to reach your service in your application, depending on the framework you are using. Northflank adds 1 proxy to this count.

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