Transparent, Usage-based Billing

Northflank Pricing

Developer Sandbox

Test drive the Northflank experience with access to all our platform essentials.


  • Trial the Northflank platform

  • Includes 2 services, 2 jobs, and 1 addon

  • 1 BYOC cluster

  • Limited resources and plans

  • Upgrade at any time

Pay as you go

The ultimate experience for start-ups and agile teams. Pay as you go, with no monthly commitment.

Starting at $0/mo
+ Infrastructure usage

  • Northflank Cloud & Bring Your Own Cloud

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited collaborators

  • Global regions

  • Unlimited BYOC clusters

  • Unlimited vCPU & Memory

  • 0.1-32vCPU 512MB-256GB Plans

  • Unlimited Services, Jobs and Databases

  • Platform SDK


Deliver the most advanced and flexible app deployment experience wherever you need it.

Pricing based on features and deploy footprint

  • On-prem and bare-metal clusters

  • BYOX

  • Unlimited org teams


  • Great for 100-5000 engineers

  • White labelling

  • Contractual uptime guarantee

  • Audit logging

  • Custom SLA

  • Optional self-deployable control plane

Infrastructure Pricing

Flexible compute plans allow you to deploy correctly sized infrastructure from the start. Autoscale in seconds based on compute requirements.

Managed Cloud

  • The simplest way to deploy to the cloud and Kubernetes

  • Deploy to global regions in seconds

  • Low cost and secure multi-tenant infrastructure

  • Monitored and scaled by Northflank SREs 24/7

Bring Your Own Cloud

  • Deploy to your own AWS, GCP, or Azure accounts

  • Use your cloud credits and existing billing relationships

  • Direct access and monitoring via K8s clusters

  • Multi-cloud and bare-metal

Compute Plans

Northflank offers a wide range of predefined compute plans. The infrastructure unit pricing that makes up these plans is listed below the table. Custom plans are also available.





Price per container


0.1 shared

256 MB

1 GB




Getting started

0.2 shared

512 MB

1 GB




Recommended for dev

0.5 shared

1024 MB

1 GB




1 dedicated

1024 MB

1 GB




Most popular

1 dedicated

2048 MB

1 GB




1 dedicated

4096 MB

1 GB




2 dedicated

4096 MB

1 GB




2 dedicated

4096 MB

1 GB




2 dedicated

8192 MB

1 GB




4 dedicated

8192 MB

1 GB




2 dedicated

16384 MB

1 GB




4 dedicated

16384 MB

1 GB




8 dedicated

8192 MB

1 GB




8 dedicated

24576 MB

1 GB




8 dedicated

32768 MB

1 GB




8 dedicated

40960 MB

1 GB




20 dedicated

40960 MB

1 GB




If you need more resources, please get in touch with us. We are happy to work with you on custom plans, large numbers of replicas and more.



$12.00 / vCPU / month

Scale compute from 0.1 vCPU to 32 vCPU. CPU based autoscaling supported.



$6.00 / GB / month

Scale memory from 256 MB to 256 GB. Memory based autoscaling supported.

Public Network Egress

$0.15 / GB

, $0.50 / 1M reqs


$0.30 / GB / month

Builds & Backups Storage

$0.08 / GB / month

Logs & Metrics Storage

$0.50 / GB

All Plans Include

  • Deployments on Northflank’s managed cloud or to your own AWS, GCP, or Azure account

  • Apps, databases, and cron workloads

  • Commit, push, build from Git workflow

  • GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket

  • Buildpacks and custom Dockerfiles

  • Free SSL and custom domains

  • UI, API, & CLI access

  • GitOps, IaC & Templates

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Pipelines and preview environments

  • Logs and metrics

  • Secret management

  • RBAC

  • Basic email support

And more →

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Full Feature Comparison

A detailed comparison of all of the features available across our different tiers. Decide which is right for you based on your project requirements.

  • Developer

    Pay as you go


  • Resources

  • Projects

    Organise your Northflank resources


  • Services

    Build and deploy your code and custom Docker images


  • Jobs

    Run your code on a cron schedule or as a one off


  • Addons

    Deploy databases and other stateful services


  • Secret groups

    Secure and inject environment variables and other secrets

  • Pipelines

    Set up complex release and deployment pipelines

  • Compute

    Meet vCPU and memory requirements


  • Custom compute plans

    Request custom vCPU + memory combinations

  • Build

  • Continuous integration

    Build all new commits or create branch & PR rules

  • Build with Dockerfiles

    Build anything with a custom Dockerfile

  • Build with Buildpacks

    Build with zero configuration using Buildpacks

  • Advanced builds

    Caching, target Docker stage, skip and path rules

  • Version control

  • GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket integration

    Build and deploy from your preferred VCS

  • Self-hosted GitLab integration

    Build and deploy from your self-hosted GitLab instance

  • Azure DevOps integration

    Build and deploy from your Azure DevOps or Entra app

  • Deployment

  • Continuous deployment

    Automatically deploy changes on build and merge

  • Continuous delivery

    Release changes to staging and production environments

  • Deploy container images built on Northflank

    Deploy any commit you've built on Northflank in seconds

  • Deploy container images from external registries

    Deploy Docker images from public & private registries

  • Rollback and select specific builds

    Rapidly rollback or switch between your stored builds

  • Volumes and persistence

    Easily attach, scale and mount persistent disks to your workloads

  • GPUs

    Run LLMs, ML inference, training and Jupyter notebooks seamlessly

  • Platform

  • UI / API / CLI access

    Use Northflank via the app, API, or command line

  • Templates

    Codify infrastructure in reusable IaC

  • GitOps

    Manage your templates and releases with Git

  • Release flows

    Automated workflows with triggers for advanced releases

  • Real-time platform

    Work in a fully reactive environment

  • Platform SDK

    Build and deliver your own comprehensive platform utilising Northflank’s APIs

  • Teams

  • Users

    Scale up as your organisation grows

  • Fine-grained RBAC

    Assign roles with detailed permissions to individual members

  • Organisations

    Handle organisations with multiple independent teams


    Advanced authorisation and authentication

    Pay per integration

    Pay per integration

  • Networking

  • Custom domains

    Point your own domains at Northflank services

  • Automatic TLS & DNS

    Free TLS and global DNS on the domain

  • Load balancing across instances

    Scale up to multiple instances and get auto load balancing

  • Northflank proxy

    Access your private services & databases via our CLI proxy

  • Service mesh and mTLS

    Cloud native service mesh with end-to-end encryption

  • Network security

    Create IP policies and basic authentication rules

  • Egress IP & Gateway

    Route egress traffic via a gateway for static IPs

  • Databases

  • Datastores you know and love

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB®, Redis®, and more

  • Queues

    Use events and message brokers with RabbitMQ & Redis

  • High availability

    Spin up multiple replicas of your stateful services

  • Backups & restores

    Make and restore dumps & disk images of your databases

  • Fork databases

    Create a new database from the existing state of another

  • Zonal redundancy

    Run database replicas across multiple availability zones

  • Scaling

  • Vertical scaling

    Give your instances more CPU & RAM resources


  • Horizontal scaling

    Deploy multiple replicas of your services and addons

  • Autoscaling

    Automatically scale based on usage thresholds

  • Observability

  • Real-time log tailing

    Stream your application logs in real time

  • Real-time metrics

    View CPU usage, memory consumption, and more

  • Log manipulation

    Powerful log searching and filtering

  • 30 day retention

    Logs and metrics are retained for a month

  • Log sinks

    Stream your logs in real-time to 3rd party observability platforms

  • Alerting

    Trigger alerts based on important container events

  • Notifications

    Send platform events to Slack, Email, Discord, Teams, and Webhooks

  • Audit logging

    Maintain a log of all actions and events within your org

  • Cloud and Regions

  • Northflank’s managed cloud

    Run workloads on Northflank's multi-tenant cloud

  • Northflank’s regions

    Choose from many regions distributed globally

  • Cloud providers

    Link your GCP, AWS, Azure and Civo accounts




  • AWS

    Deploy in minutes with your AWS account with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

  • Azure

    Deploy in minutes with your Azure account and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  • GCP

    Deploy in minutes with your GCP account with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

  • Civo

    Deploy in minutes with your Civo account with Civo Kubernetes

  • Clusters

    Northflank provisions managed Kubernetes clusters for you


  • Cloud provider regions

    Make use of your provider’s expansive geo offerings

  • Bring your own Kubernetes

    Deploy Northflank to your on-prem, bare metal, or public cloud clusters

  • Cloud credits

    Use your cloud credits from one or more providers

  • Savings Plans, Commits, and Spot

    Use your savings plans, commitments, and spot instances

  • Bring Your Own

  • Cloud

  • Self-deployable control plane

  • Logs

  • Metrics

  • Vault

  • DNS

  • Registry

  • Extras

  • Support

    We can support your onboarding and migration to Northflank

    Best effort



  • Dedicated Slack channel

    Shared Slack channel for direct comms with our engineers

  • SLA

    Service-level agreements to meet your requirements


  • White labelling

    Make the underlying Northflank platform native to your branding

  • Billing

  • To the second billing

    Resources are billed by usage down to the second

  • Invoice history

    Detailed invoice breakdowns are available for every month

  • Pricing

    Pricing to suit every team at every size


    Starts at $0/mo


Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are handled by Stripe and we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

How does consumption based pricing work?

You’ll be billed at the end of your monthly billing cycle based on your configured resources and instances, prorated to the second of usage. Read our terms of service for more details. Estimates are exclusive of VAT and GST.

Will taxes be included in my monthly invoice?

We’re required by law to collect taxes in some countries.

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

No — when you enter a card we only verify the card. Your card is only charged at the end of the billing cycle.

What currency will I be charged in?

You will be charged in US dollars.