Feature breakdown

Scale on Northflank

Northflank scales with you. As the demand for your project or product grows, simply increase your resources, add more replicas, invite more team members, and we’ll handle the rest.


Vertical Scaling

Scale vertically by upgrading the compute plan your services use to unlock more CPU power & memory capacity.

Horizontal Scaling

Scale horizontally by increasing the number of instances of your service to enable automatic load balancing.


Automatically scale horizontally when CPU, memory usage, or requests per second reach a specific threshold.

Scale Operations

Teams & Organisations

Northflank can scale to your requirements from 5 engineers to 5,000 engineers. Segment your engineers into teams and roles and assign them to relevant projects.


No matter your requirements, segment cloud resources across as many projects as you need. This can be driven by organisational and multi-tenancy needs or simply separation of concerns.

High Availability & Multi-AZ

Configure your workloads to deploy with high availability and spread them over multiple availability zones to increase resilience and reduce likelihood of downtime.

Global Geo

Northflank offers easy deployment in several multi-tenant regions. You can also Bring Your Own Cloud to seamlessly deploy into 60+ regions around the globe to benefit from low latency and data residency requirements.


Operate your workloads across Northflank’s cloud or with BYOC in hyperscalers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. Unlock any compute scale, region requirements, or cloud provider preference in a single platform.


Store your resource definitions in version control. Modify and scale your resources while keeping your existing Git workflows and security policies.


Build trusted and reusable resources with templates. Copy the specification from an existing resource and add it to a new project. Level-up the self-service developer experience within your organisation.



Scale up your database storage by resizing the volume. Start with as little as 4GB and scale up to 1TB+.


Quickly resize persistent volumes attached to your services as your storage requirements increase.

Storage Tiers

Select the disk size, performance, and price that suits your workload, with HDD and SSD storage options.

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