Feature breakdown

Templates on Northflank

Define your infrastructure as a single template object, putting all of your resource definitions in one convenient place. Our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution lets you easily manage and repeat infrastructure operations, and can be stored on Northflank and in your Git repository.


Group multiple services, jobs, and stateful workloads together into a single template that can be run repeatedly. Quickly scale and modify your existing resources, or create a copy of your full stack.

Codify Your Infrastructure

Automate the creation, modification, and running of specific resources or entire projects with templates.

View Resource Spec

View the template specification of any resource you have already created to move it into a template with ease.

Share One-Click Deployments

Create and share one-click deployment links based on your templates — within your team or to the world.

Stack Templates

Deploy popular application stacks in seconds with our provided stack templates.


Store your templates in your Git repository, keeping your resource definitions inside your version control. Keep all the benefits of your existing Git workflow and security policies.

Version Control for Your Infrastructure

Changes to your template are automatically committed to your repository. Integrating with version control means you get a full history of infrastructure changes and can roll back when necessary.

Trigger on Commit

Northflank updates your template to the latest version whenever you push to Git, and automatically modifies your infrastructure with the changes.

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