Feature breakdown

Observability on Northflank

Northflank provides out-of-the-box tooling to help you stay on top of your logs and container metrics. Prefer to ship your logs elsewhere for aggregation and processing? We support that too.


Real-Time Log Tailing

Debug your builds, deployments, jobs, addons, backups, and restores in real-time by watching logs come in as they happen.

Real-Time Metrics

Keep track of how your builds and deployments are performing with detailed metrics such as CPU & memory usage, number of requests etc.

60 Day Retention

Logs and metrics are stored for 60 days so you can go back and fetch past data.

Log Sinks

Log sinks allow you to forward logs from containers to your preferred log aggregator or observability platform. Forward specific projects or your whole account at once.

Logs and Metrics API

Integrate your logs and metrics into your existing systems using our HTTP and WebSocket API.


Notification Integrations

Send notifications to Slack, Discord, Webhooks, and Teams to stay up to date and integrate with your existing alerting flow.

Platform Alerts

Use platform alerts to receive notifications when builds, backups, job runs, billing, or autoscaling events occur on the platform.

Infrastructure Alerts

Use infrastructure alerts to receive notifications when resource usage spikes, or your apps and databases are crashing.

Health Checks

Health Checks

Configure health checks to ensure maximum availability of your services.


Test whether a container is able to receive traffic after it has initialised. Traffic will only be routed to healthy containers.


Test a given endpoint for a service to make sure it’s available. If the check fails, the container will be terminated and a new container will be started.


Any configured liveness and readiness probes will not be called until the startup checks have succeeded.

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