This is Northflank.

Code. Build. Deploy. Release. Repeat.

The fullstack cloud platform. Regain the initiative and ship smarter. Reduce stress, time and cost.
We are building a next generation hosting platform for all 24 million developers. Our team strives to improve the developer experience right through operations, design and engineering.
Will and Fred have embraced remote culture from day zero by forging a friendship playing multiplayer games as teenagers and working on projects since 2010 via Teamspeak, Skype, Whatsapp and now Slack. Today, we are a growing team spread across the world, all passionate about coding and building the best developer experience.
It turns out running a remote team is similar to running a gaming clan - to be effective, you have to value honesty, communication, trust and encourage mutual support without relying too much on tools. Continuous learning and fresh ideas are key to our success.

What we've been working on...

  • Unified Integration, Deployment and Release
  • Team management with API and RBAC
  • Cloud Provider Agnostic & Bare-Metal support
  • GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab with Dockerfiles
  • Pipelines, Projects, Preview Environments
  • Build, Run, Cron and Stateful Workloads
  • Logging, LBs, mTLS, Metrics, DNS, Certificate & Secret Management

Our history


Will & Fred first meet


Game server hosting platform


Northflank joins The Family

April 2019

Will & Fred go full time

July 2019

Raise angel round & hire first engineers

September 2019

Mesos to Kubernetes migration

September 2019

Northflank beta

Q1 2020
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We're always looking for interesting partners and feature suggestions.

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