Feature breakdown

Release on Northflank

Remove the stress of releasing with Northflank. Organise your environments with Pipelines, and codify your release processes with Release Flows.


Organise Environments

Categorise your resources into development, staging, and production environments.

Environment Dashboard

Monitor the state of all your resources with pipeline stage overviews, health status, and quick links.

Promote Stages

Promote builds from one stage to the next with release flows. Run migrations and perform database backups with each release.

Manual Releases

Trigger releases through the UI, selecting branch, commit, or build data for each linked service and job.

Git Releases

Automatically run release flows when you push to specific branches or pull requests. Reference version control data within the template.

Preview Environments

Set up templates to provision full preview environments on triggers from Git or other events. Tear them down and clean up resources when they are no longer needed.

Release Flows


Codify your release and preview process in code. Drive updates with bi-directional syncs on Git and Northflank.

Visual Workflow Builder

Drag and drop nodes to build up sophisticated workflows without writing any code.


Trigger a release or preview environment with webhooks. Integrate with your existing tools such as GitHub Actions.

Release Action Nodes

Compose actions into a workflow: triggering builds, deploying images, promoting deployments, running migrations, creating database backups, and other actions.

Run History

Access a list of historical runs for release and preview environments. For each run, Northflank stores duration, error occurrences, and the state of each node.

Roll Back

Release with confidence knowing that you can roll a release back in a matter of clicks.

Secure Arguments

Securely store your secrets outside of GitOps using Northflank’s secure engine to inject variables and arguments into nodes at runtime.

Build Robust Workflows

Build workflows that perform actions in parallel or sequentially. Dynamically reference resources and other actions to create a sophisticated all-in-one pipeline.

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