Feature breakdown

Build on Northflank

Northflank enables continuous integration of all your code, from all your favourite version control platforms.

Implement Continuous Integration

Native VCS Compatibility

Integrate with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, and Northflank will immediately sync with all of your repositories, branches, and pull or merge requests.

Self-Hosted and Enterprise VCS

Seamlessly integrate Northflank with self-hosted GitLab or Enterprise GitHub for advanced use cases.

Build on Commit

Simply push to your repository to trigger a build. Build status is immediately viewable via your VCS provider. Pause continuous integration at any time.

Build Rules

Configure rules to determine which branches and pull requests get built based on branch name, commit message, or other user specified file changes.

Build Arguments & Files

Use build arguments to make environment variables and secret files available at build time. All variables are stored and injected securely.

Build History

View old builds from any branch or PR. Redeploy historical builds or initiate a new build of an old commit with the click of a button.

Customise Your Build Process

Build with Dockerfile or Buildpack

Simply add a Dockerfile or Buildpack, and Northflank will build and host your images. Custom or Heroku buildpacks can also be used via Git or the Heroku Buildpack repository.

Monorepo Support

You can contain all of your services in the same place with multiple Dockerfiles and build contexts in a single repository.

Multistage Builds

Build specific Dockerfile stages for faster and smaller builds. Skip stages that are unnecessary and leverage external base images from private registries.

Multistep Builds

Build multiple images in parallel or sequential order across one or multiple repositories. Integrate with pipelines for preview, staging, and production builds.

Pull Builds from Northflank Registry

Pull images locally to debug workloads, deploy externally, or use as base images in pipelines.

Build Overrides

Trigger one-off builds with custom build arguments outside of your normal CI flow.

Optimise Your Builds

Build Engines

Northflank supports both Buildkit and Kaniko so you can always achieve the optimal build output based on your project’s requirements.


Increase your build speed with remote layer caching to make incremental commits faster to deploy.

Image and Build Reuse

Save time by not creating duplicate images. Northflank separates the build and release process so you can deploy multiple services from a single build.

Resource Plans

Select from plans with different CPU and memory levels based on the requirements of your builds.

Build Observability

Observe builds as they run with real-time log tailing and performance metrics. Receive alerts when builds succeed or fail via Slack, webhook, and more.

Rapid Compute

Highly performant build infrastructure scaled and operated by Northflank with finely tuned single thread and disk performance.

Build Clusters

Designate specialised build clusters with Bring Your Own Cloud. Optimised settings ensure optimal performance and resource utilisation over non-specialised clusters.

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