Reliable, robust, and responsive

Northflank Platform

A self-service developer platform at the cutting edge. Northflank streamlines DevOps within organisations and empowers engineers to deploy ephemeral, stateful, and scheduled workloads to the cloud.

A Tailored User Experience

Northflank provides multiple interfaces so each engineer on your team can experience Northflank in the way that best suits them.

Cloud Console

The web interface provides an intuitive, accurate, and real-time view of your infrastructure.

Platform API

Build your platform on top of Northflank with our rich, feature‑complete, fully documented API.

Command Line

Interact with resources from your terminal. Tail logs, proxy services, execute into containers, and more.


Codify your infrastructure and implement repeatability across your stack and organisation.


Stop fearing production releases and improve collaboration across complex infrastructure.

TypeScript Client

Use a full TypeScript SDK to build your own platforms with Northflank.

Compatible with Your Existing Workflows

The Northflank platform is designed to streamline your preferred workflows without disruption. Easy to adopt, easy to pick-and-mix.

All Major VCS Platforms

Connect repositories from GitHub via GitHub Apps, and connect GitLab or Bitbucket via OAuth.


Integrate Northflank deployments into your existing GitHub Actions and GitLab or Bitbucket pipelines.

Container Registries

Deploy both public and private Docker images from any container registry.

Log Sinks

Forward logs from your Northflank resources to your existing external logging platforms, like Datadog.


Add your favourite CDN such as Cloudflare, Fastly, CloudFront, or Akamai in front of your Northflank services.

Self-Hosted Git

Connect Northflank with self-hosted VCS deployments such as GitHub Enterprise and GitLab CE/EE.

Your Choice: Managed Cloud or BYOC

Whether you prefer to rapidly deploy your workloads into Northflank’s managed cloud, or connect your own cloud account for ultimate control, you can expect the same elevated platform experience.

Managed Cloud

Start deploying instantly into Northflank’s secure, multi-tenant cloud. Zero configuration and zero barriers to entry.

In Your Cloud

Build and deploy in your own cloud. Let Northflank seamlessly orchestrate Kubernetes in your accounts on GCP, AWS, Azure, and Civo.

Custom & Bare-Metal

Northflank works wherever Kubernetes does – including fast, optimised bare-metal machines. Contact us for enterprise offerings.

Teams and Organisations


Group your cloud resources by project, team, and organisation. Projects can be deployed to a specific region or worker cluster.

Real-Time Multiplayer

The Northflank interface updates in real-time to reflect changes made by you or by your teammates. No more refreshing pages to fetch updates.

Teams of Any Size

Invite up to 25 members to your team for free and add more as you scale. Collaborate on projects more effectively with Northflank.

Role-Based Access Control

Configure fine-grained permissions at every platform level. Increase security, and simplify your team’s experience by only showing them what they need.

Real-Time Diff Views

When editing secret variables or infrastructure as code, live diffs are shown to prevent overwriting changes when your colleagues are editing the same item.

Seamless Context Switching

Search and jump between teams and projects in a matter of clicks. All your resources will be loaded and accessible instantly.


Secure Runtime

Northflank’s secure runtime is built for multi-tenancy in a cloud native Kubernetes environment, without sacrificing speed or capability. Security features include:
  • Sandboxed microVMs
  • Service mesh with mTLS
  • Project network firewalls
  • Hierarchy by namespaces

Secret Management

Environment variables are encrypted at rest and securely injected at runtime into your containers and builds. You have fine-grained control over which resources inherit specific secrets from secret groups. Automatically inherit connection details from your databases.


Use single sign-on with Google, GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. Enable OTP 2-factor auth for extra security. For teams with advanced security needs, Northflank offers SAML and OIDC, with support for Azure Active Directory, Google Workspaces, and more.

Authentication Tokens

When using the API or CLI, authenticate yourself with tokens. These tokens follow our granular permission model and can be restricted to certain projects and users.

Connect Locally

Services and databases can be deployed with private networking to limit connectivity by project namespace. You can connect to these private endpoints locally using the Northflank CLI proxy.

Billing and Support

Consumption Based

Running services, jobs, and addons are pro-rated by the second. Cost is based on the size of the plan and the number of replicas deployed. Additional cost is based on disk allocation, network bandwidth, and number of HTTP requests.

Detailed Project Usage

Monthly invoices are stored for your records, and historic invoices and current usage are broken-down so you can see exactly what you’re spending on, by project and by resource.

Billing Alerts

Create billing alerts to get notified when your spending reaches a specified threshold.

Invoice Access

Add additional email addresses to share invoices, or invite team members that only have access to billing and not to your infrastructure.


Quality support is offered to all customers via email. Upgrade your support package to get dedicated support via a shared Slack channel, contractual obligations, and SLA.

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