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Release. Repeat.

The fullstack cloud platform. Regain the initiative and ship smarter. Reduce stress, time and cost.
  • Multi-Cloud & Bare-Metal
  • All your code with Dockerfiles
  • GitHub, Bitbucket & GitLab

Easing the developer experience

Your cloudDoctrine.

Integrate / Deploy / Release

Continuous Integration, Delivery and Release for all your projects. Simply add Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab.

Powered by Dockerfiles

Provide a Dockerfile recipe and you can run anything, anywhere, anytime with Northflank.

Lonewolf / Team

Wether you’re developing your side project, or you’re building microservices in a team, you’re a first class citizien

Managed Operations

Logging, Metrics, DNS, Configuration and TLS certifiicates automatically orchestrated.

Databases / Queues / Stateful

Highly available and secure by default. Instantly at your fingers tips via our API or UI!

Increased Security

Secure environments variables, automatic TLS, mTLS and granular role based access control.

Pay as You Go

Simple by the second pricing model. You are only charged for build and deployment resources consumed.


Quickly and efficiently manage environment variables for services and leverage inheritance with projects.


Enabling release with Pipelines. Manual or automatic release management and a deployment workflow that suits you.

Next-Gen Developer Workflow

Merge your build,
deploy and release.


Rationalise complex inter-dependant services with Projects. Namespace services with unique role based access control, network mTLS, Project to Project whitelisting. Rapidly provision stateful assets such as databases and queues.


Services are a unit of deployment(s) and build(s) with unique DNS, TLS, Environment Variables, Logging and Metrics. Either link services to Git repositories or existing built images on any registry.


Enable extensive capability with Pipelines. Create workflows with development, staging and production environments with manual or automatic triggers.

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Planetary Scale

Hook into multiple major public clouds and bare-metal infrastructure to meet sustained and surge demand.

Interoperable Elastic Compute

Leverage the same elastic compute for all your workloads. Builds, Runs, Crons or Stateful services.

Fastest Hardware

We love fast builds. Leverage extremely performant servers to provide 50% faster build times.

Build Features

Parallel builds
Git Source
PR / Feature Branches / Commits
Environment Variables
Preview Environment

Run Features

Secure Environment

Platform Features

Granular Billing


Deploy your services via API or use Northflank as a white-labeled solution to host your client's code.

Deploy NGINX from DockerHub

Rapidly spin up existing Docker images from public or private registries.

CI/CD for any Git Repo

Stand-up full integration and deployment in seconds from Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket.

Create a new project

Create groups of services in projects that inherit security policies, network gateway and environment variables.
const payload = {
  name: "web-platform",
  serviceType: "deployment",
  projectId: "5e4a885d9d51ae001eae53e8",
  deployment: {
    externalImageForDeployment: "nginx:latest",
    regions: {
      europe-west: 1
    totalInstances: 1
  ports: [
      name: "web",
      internalPort: 80,
      protocol: "HTTP"
  billing: {
    deploymentPlan: "5d88b0e17287c116bccc2356"
  configuration: {...}

const response = await fetch(NORTHFLANK_API_ENDPOINT, {
  method: 'POST',
  headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    'Authorization': `Bearer ${NORTHFLANK_API_TOKEN}`,
  body: JSON.stringify(payload)

const { serviceType, serviceId } = await response.json()
console.log(`Deployed a service of type ${serviceType} with the ID ${serviceId}!`)

// => Deployed a service of type deployment with the ID 5e4c07f7036da0001b4b809c!
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