Infrastructure as a Service

Managed Multi-Cloud and Fully Automated DevOps

Build and deploy anything, anywhere, anytime across regions and providers.

A Developer's Force Multiplier

Scale rapidly, efficiently and cheaply

Northflank is an automated development operations platform enabling the build and deployment of code across multiple regions and clouds. We aim to reduce costs and increase operational effectiveness for organisations using cloud at scale.

A real application delivery network

Git, Build, Deploy ++


Fully integrated Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment. A single platform to build and run your projects.

Teams with RBAC

Role based access control gives peace of mind when managing services ensuring selective abilities when managing team members.


Projects allow developers to control a large number of services. Create staging and production environments on the fly in seconds.

Pay as You Go

Simple by the second pricing model. You are only charged for build and deployment resources consumed.

Rapid Availability

Easily create new services with immediate DNS and TLS - reducing the time wasted on bootstrapping services.


Enabling Continuous Delivery with Pipelines allowing for manual or automatic release management and a deployment workflow that suits you.


Quickly and efficiently manage environment variables for services and leverage inheritance with projects.

Save 30-50%

Distributed bare-metal and cloud platform abstraction enables developers to leverage cloud benefits for less.

Global Reach

Multi-provider regions in Europe, America and Asia means we can serve your users on the edge at scale with any application.

Platform as a Service API

Turbo-charge your business.

Within seconds deploy infrastructure via our API across the globe for your customers. Whether it be game servers, content management platforms or block chain nodes. Scaling to 10,000 instances or a single test environment we're here to deliver your own Platform As A Service.

Planetary Scale

Northflank hooks into all major public clouds enabling surge demand and bare-metal infrastructure to meet sustained demand.

Integrated Services

Are your authentication and database servers going down continuously? Say no more by leveraging the same elastic compute for all your workloads.

Fastest Hardware

We love fast builds. We leverage extremely fast servers to provide ~50% less build time than the rest.
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Northflank + The Family

European Incubation

The Family is a European accelerator programme spanning London, Paris and Berlin. Providing us mentoring, support and an array of unfair advantages to help us scale.
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