Automate Deployments.
Any Workload, Any Cloud.

The self-service developer platform for your apps, databases, and jobs. Start with one workload, scale to hundreds on compute or GPUs.

Build Any Environment

  • Easily build and deploy preview, staging, and production environments
  • Connect and build Git repositories using Dockerfiles and Buildpacks
  • Set up continuous integration, caching, and multi-step builds

Trusted in production by tens of thousands of developers

The Northflank Difference

Unify and Accelerate Deployments

  • Seconds to onboard, minutes to deploy

  • Unified deployment of apps, databases & jobs

  • Real-time, self-service experience

  • Secure multi-player collaboration

Simplify Developer Experience

  • Choice of UI, CLI, APIs & GitOps

  • Any cloud – Managed cloud, AWS, GCP & Azure

  • Re-usable templates for every stage

  • Configurable automated release flows

Orchestrate Any App or Workload

  • Run compute workloads or GPU & fractional GPU workloads

  • Kubernetes-ready app platform

  • Run anywhere, on any Kubernetes cluster, on any cloud

  • Ship your IDP with Northflank

Lower Costs and Scale Effortlessly

  • Pay-as-you-go, lower cost than alternatives

  • Vertical & horizontal auto-scaling

  • One platform vs. many disparate tools

  • Granular observability,automated DR

Standardise and optimise your DevOps

A Golden Path to Production

Accelerate every step from push to production with highly configurable self-service workflows, pipelines, templates, and GitOps.

Securely deploy preview, staging, and production environments with observability tooling, backups, restores, and rollbacks included.

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Version ControlCDNCIContainer RegistriesLanguages and FrameworksDatabases and QueuesObservability

Deploy any code, on any cloud, at any scale

Flexibility without Compromise

Northflank seamlessly integrates with your preferred tooling, and can accommodate any tech stack.

Whether you deploy on Northflank’s secure infrastructure or on your own cloud account, you get the same exceptional developer experience, and total control over your data residency, deployment regions, security, and cloud expenses.

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Cloud native without the complexity

Kubernetes, Simplified

Northflank leverages Kubernetes as an operating system to give you the best of cloud native, without the overhead.

Deploy to Northflank’s cloud for maximum simplicity, or connect your GKE, EKS, AKS, or bare-metal to deliver a managed platform experience in minutes.

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Supercharge your productivity

The Ultimate Developer Experience

Northflank makes managing complex cloud native applications intuitive. With support for IaC and a robust API, CLI, and UI, Northflank has an interface for everyone.

Screenshot of Northflank UI

A fast, real-time cloud console that keeps you up to date.

Screenshot of Northflank API

Create resources programmatically and integrate into your existing systems with a powerful API.

Screenshot of Northflank CLI

Securely connect to private databases and services on your machine.

Screenshot of Northflank Templates

Bundle resources together in a template for repeatability and easy sharing.

Screenshot of Northflank GitOps

Update resource definitions directly from your Git repository to codify your workflow.

Infinitely capable

A Complete Platform Toolkit

From provisioning cloud resources to deploying your own secure multi-tenant runtime, Northflank provides all the tools you need to deliver on your roadmap in record time.

Cutting edge components at your fingertips


Sandbox workloads with gVisor & Northflank.

Kata Containers

Deliver a secure runtime with Kata Containers & Northflank.

Cloud Hypervisor

Orchestrate high performance and feature-rich secure workloads with CLH & Northflank.


Spin up microVMs with Firecracker & Northflank.


Enable service mesh with Istio & Northflank.


Operate a lightweight service mesh with Linkerd & Northflank.

Network policy

Secure your network and leverage egress gateways with Cilium & Northflank.

Build platform

Offer an advanced build platform with Kaniko, Buildkit, Buildpacks, & Northflank.

BYO Cloud, Logs, DNS, Secrets

Keep secrets, logs, and DNS within your own cloud boundary for maximum control.

VCS Provider Integration

Integrate with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket for self-service build with Northflank.

Rapidly Deploy Docker Images

Deploy any container image built on Northflank or hosted with external Docker registries. Configure public or private networking in your project. Set environment variables, attach persistent disks, and configure resources such as CPU, RAM, and ephemeral storage.

await apiClient.create.service.deployment({
  parameters: {
    "projectId": "default-project"
  data: {
    "name": "Example Service",
    "description": "A service description",
    "billing": {
      "deploymentPlan": "nf-compute-20"
    "deployment": {
      "instances": 1,
      "external": {
        "imagePath": "nginx:latest"
    "ports": [
        "name": "port-1",
        "internalPort": 8080,
        "public": true,
        "domains": [
        "protocol": "HTTP"


$ northflank create service deployment --file payload.json


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You’re in good company

Don’t just take our word for it...

Keith Adams profile image

Keith Adams

Formerly Chief Architect Slack, Facebook, VMware, GP @ Pebblebed

Northflank is the first batteries-included developer platform that doesn’t suffer from the invisible ceilings that hover over its competitors. We could have built all of Slack with Northflank - and we would have, had it been available.

Darren Shepherd profile image

Darren Shepherd

CTO @ Acorn Labs, Formerly CTO Rancher

By far the most complete product like this I’ve seen. This is how Kubernetes should be used.

Steve Manuel profile image

Steve Manuel

CEO & Co-founder @ Dylibso, Formerly Cloudflare

If you’re starting to sweat about clusters, secrets, GitOps, CI/CD, scaling, monitoring, rollouts, or anything in between, this is your answer!

Tom Pickard profile image

Tom Pickard

CTO @ Clock

Going into our first steps with Northflank I was of the mindset, “how can it be easier than AWS AppRunner or Google Cloud Run?” but in reality it's much more powerful and user friendly – templates and GitOps are fantastic for keeping configurations in-sync with code repos, whilst instrumentation, metrics and monitoring are top-dollar.

Thomas Parslow profile image

Thomas Parslow

Founder @ Buzzshot

Transitioning to Northflank from Heroku has been a refreshing experience. With their user-friendly platform, managing DevOps tasks has become a breeze. The attentive and helpful support team at Northflank has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!

Justin Adkins profile image

Justin Adkins

CEO @ Hubble Vote, Engineer @ Taskrabbit

I love the UI. It’s easy to plug and play and bring my own cloud, and I didn’t have to make any changes to integrate with Northflank on my end.

Ruud Schuurmans profile image

Ruud Schuurmans

Former Lead Software Architect @ Plauti

Northflank eradicated all of our DevOps overhead. You only have to provide a Dockerfile to have a secure, production-ready build pipeline and hosting environment. This allows our teams to focus on building great software, with confidence.

Charlie Egan profile image

Charlie Egan

Dev Advocate @ Styra, OPA Maintainer

I found Northflank while hunting for a Heroku replacement. I've found the platform to be very stable and fairly priced. I deploy updates to my apps on Northflank weekly, and it's been a key factor in my ability to quickly build more side projects.

Michael Bromley profile image

Michael Bromley

Co-Founder & CTO @ Vendure

The thoughtful UX of Northflank’s web dashboard takes away the complexity of having to manage everything. They have clearly thought hard about how to make developers' lives easier.

Matthew Moss profile image

Matthew Moss

Lead Full Stack Developer @ Acquire Digital

The UI is easy to navigate yet powerful. From quickly creating simple test containers to setting up production ready environments, Northflank provides a seamless user experience for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Plus, their customer support is exceptional, frequently going above and beyond!

Matt de Sousa profile image

Matt de Sousa

Founder @ WideBundle

Northflank makes everything easier. I am not a server guy, but the tools on the dashboard are amazing and easy to understand. On top of that, you add their amazing team, and you get the perfect solution for every SaaS.

Ready to level up your DevOps?