Deploy Flipt on Northflank

Published 8th September 2023

Flipt is an open-source feature-flag management solution, designed to be simple, secure and performant and run alongside your existing services.


  • Toggle features on/off instantly
  • Create distribution rules
  • Integrate using REST API
  • Secure
  • Fast


  • Flipt deployment
  • PostgreSQL addon
  • Secret group

Getting Started

  1. Create an account on Northflank.
  2. Click deploy Flipt now
  3. Click create template to save and run the Flipt template
  4. Select the Flipt service when the template run has finished
  5. Open the code.run domain when it has finished building and deploying

You can now start using your Flipt deployment.

We recommend you securely forward your deployment until you have enabled and configured authentication in Flipt.

You can configure Flipt using environment variables or by including a configuration file as a secret file.

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