Deploy Metabase on Northflank

Published 11th October 2023

Metabase provides fast analytics with a friendly UX and integrated tooling to let your company explore data on their own.


  • Query-builder, no SQL required
  • Drill through your data by clicking on charts, models, and tables
  • Create collections to organise models, questions, and dashboards
  • Build live analytics dashboards
  • Row- and column-level permissions
  • Create and customize metadata-rich, annotated models


  • Metabase deployment
  • Postgres addon

Getting Started

  1. Create an account on Northflank
  2. Click deploy Metabase now
  3. Click create template to save and run the Metabase template
  4. Select the Metabase service when the template run has finished
  5. When the service has deployed, open the container to view the progress of the Metabase startup. The first-time configuration will take longer than subsequent redeployments.
  6. When it has completed, open the code.run domain to create an account for your Metabase service

You are now ready to start using Metabase deployed on Northflank!

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