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Northflank joins the fray

By Will Stewart, Frederik Brix

Published 7th July 2020

Northflank is pleased to announce its $2.6M seed round and the launch of a new full-stack cloud platform for DevOps. Northflank enables developers to easily build, run and operate their web applications, microservices and databases from a single real-time interface and API, all at a superior pace. Developers can sign up at northflank.com.

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Today, it is still difficult and expensive to manage a variety of web services, taking important time away from the main focus of software engineers: shipping great products. To set up your services properly, you either need to invest into complex solutions and integrate them together or opt for a serverless framework, limiting the creativity of your developers.

Northflank improves the developer experience by combining many DevOps capabilities into a single solution. By merging integration, deployment and delivery into a seamless platform, you can connect an existing repository on GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket and immediately deploy anything with a Dockerfile.

Northflank’s developer sandbox is accessible through a real-time UI and API that has been built for speed and functionality, with a variety of features such as Build, Run, Pipelines, Crons and Projects alongside a huge number of ancillary features coming together in a seamless, unified experience.

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Northflank provides solutions for stateful workloads, with a quick and flexible add-on system supporting scalable instances of PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis.

Northflank uses a developer friendly pricing model based on resource consumption. Scale your services horizontally and vertically, along with simple one-click pause functionality. With a detailed breakdown of each resource, you can easily monitor your spending.

Teams of any size can collaborate together at no extra cost and all have access to secure role based access control, which provides a powerful and highly granular way of managing access to Northflank’s functionality on a per user and project basis.

Northflank’s culture has revolved around flexible, remote working from its inception. The founders Will and Fred first connected whilst playing multiplayer games as teenagers back in 2011. Eight years later, three of them building Northflank while at university, they met for the first time in early 2019 at an accelerator weekend organised by The Family. Will and Fred then focused on development full-time, raising an angel round used to hire the fully distributed and remote team which has now grown to nine engineers and designers from across the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Colombia and Latvia. Northflank has closed a $2.6M Seed round of investment led by Kindred Ventures (Steve Jang) in San Francisco, Stride.VC (Harry Stebbings) in London, and the global Amaranthine fund. The team are also supported by numerous Founder-CTOs as angel investors, including Alexis Le-Quoc (Datadog), Laurent Perrin (Frontapp), Eric Nadalin (Nexmo), Louis Beryl (Earnest & Rocketplace), Lawrence Chu, Cindy B, Edward Lando and Antoine Zins.

Northflank over the coming months will continue to make the experience lightning fast, expand on the existing supported regions, offer improved support for mono-repos and will add support for UDP services. Developers can sign-up now at northflank.com.

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