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Platform Engineering with Northflank and Civo

By Will Stewart

Published 31st January 2024

Dive deep into the forefront of platform engineering with Northflank and Civo as they join forces to explore platform engineering and techniques to enhance developer experience, improve collaboration, and simplify the scaling of cloud infrastructure.

  1. What is a Platform?

  2. What makes a Platform?

  3. Why do Platforms Fail?

  4. Platform live demo of Preview and Production Environments with UI and GitOps

  5. Future of Platform Engineering

  6. Benefits of Northflank and Civo

This session featured insights from Will Stewart, Co-Founder & CEO of Northflank, and Dinesh Majrekar, CTO at Civo, highlighting the integration between Northflank's advanced platform and Civo's cloud infrastructure. Our experts will unpack the strategies for effective application delivery and the essential building blocks of a successful platform.

Typical Platform Building Blocks

platform engineering diagram

Deploy now

We look forward to seeing what you deploy. Start deploying with Civo and Northflank here or sign up to Civo.

Meet us in person

You'll be able to meet Northflank and Civo in person in Austin Texas at Civo Navigate 2024 (February 20 & 21st). https://www.civo.com/navigate/north-america

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