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6th March 2024

Platform January 2024 Release

This update brings significant enhancements across various features, including BYOC integrations, template functionalities, organizational support, and user interface improvements. Key highlights include the removal of unnecessary permissions for AWS BYOC, the introduction of Civo BYOC support, refined template editing and specification viewing, and streamlined organization and team management. Additionally, the update addresses issues in logs, metrics, API, CLI, and the JavaScript client, alongside various bug fixes and UI enhancements to improve overall platform stability and user experience.


  • Removed unnecessary permission requirements from AWS BYOC integrations.
  • Added support for Civo BYOC integration.


  • Preview environment build source nodes link to the correct build logs page.
  • Fixed template secret group nodes linking multiple addons without user input.
  • Job run template nodes can be saved when no deployment exists.
  • Improved UI for viewing template specification.
  • Template addon backup nodes validation error fixed.
  • Service specification shows correct image path for external registries.
  • Template code editor updates correctly for previous versions.
  • Fixed display issues in template node specifications.
  • Enhanced UX in template visual editor for dragging nodes.
  • Template difference editor no longer appears after deleting a template.
  • Added override options in release flows for specific builds.
  • Save button functions correctly in template editor node code view.
  • Encrypted content displays correctly in template difference editor.
  • External connection details configurable in template secret groups.
  • Fixed visual issue with editing health checks in templates.

Teams & Organisations

  • Introduced support for Organisations with multiple teams and enterprise features.
  • Users now belong to a default team, facilitating easier team expansion.
  • Fixed crash when accepting a team invite on a team's page.

Logs and Metrics

  • Fixed zoom issue in metrics charts.
  • Resolved display issue with old log lines.
  • Fixed crash when viewing a single log line item.
  • Added pagination to List Addon Backups API.

API, CLI, and JS Client

  • Fixed CLI login team selection issue.
  • Resolved JavaScript client authentication issue for new API tokens.


  • Ephemeral storage configuration now available for builds.
  • Secret groups with multiple linked addons fixed to prevent key mix-ups.
  • Fixed crash on PostgreSQL resources page with enabled connection pooling.
  • Notification webhooks no longer include resource secret values by default.
  • Visual improvements to subdomain routing diagram.
  • Wildcard redirects show registered region in UI.
  • Fixed service list filtering redirection issues.
  • Corrected random name generation button functionality.
  • Fixed ordering in dashboard addon list.
  • Environment variable editor accounts for Northflank managed secrets correctly.
  • Secret group list shows restricted secrets by tags.
  • Fixed issue with resource name field deleting the last character.
  • Resolved flickering in services list search.
  • Pipeline display name updates properly.
  • Fixed navigation issues on alerts page.

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