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Heroku Pricing Comparison & Reduction

Heroku has been able to greatly reduce the amount of dev time spent on tooling, maintenance and DevOps. Teams are willing to pay for good infrastructure so that they can spend more time building applications - but at scale, the Heroku pricing model and total costs become unfair and expensive.

Northflank solves this with a fair, straightforward pricing model that scales evenly as your consumption grows, while levelling up developer experience and deployment flexibility.

Heroku Dyno pricing vs Northflank containers

Heroku planRAMPricevsNorthflank planCPURAMPrice
Standard 1X*512MB$25.00
Standard 2X1GB$50.00nf-compute-500.51024MB$12.00
Performance M2.5GB$250.00nf-compute-100-212048MB$24.00
Performance L14GB$500.00nf-compute-200-16216384MB$120.00

* Standard is required to scale up to two web dynos

On top of the compute and storage costs, Heroku has additional expenses which might be required by your team.

  • Pay-per-seat in your 5+ person team: $10 per user per month
  • Heroku CI: $10 per month per pipeline
  • Private and Shield workloads required for greater security or high compliance apps, starting at $1000-$5000 per month.

These additional costs on top of the compute and storage cost will make the cloud bill end up way above required.

Northflank offers the features highlighted below for free for all users, regardless of your compute usage or support contract.


Deploy latest setting on a deployment service will switch between deploying a specific build or linking to a branch or pull request.

Advanced private networking

Secure private network, enable public load-balancing and connect locally with Northflank CLI proxy.

Observe and Monitor

Observe your container runs and builds in real-time with log tailing, search and performance metrics.


At Northflank teams are supported by default, regardless of the size.

TLS and secure connection

TLS is enabled by default and generated connection details.

Custom Domain SSL

Seamlessly create free Let’s Encrypt certificates for your domains and subdomains with automatic regeneration.

Data: Heroku Postgres vs Northflank Postgres Addon

Heroku NameReplicasRAMStorageHeroku PricevsNorthflank NameReplicasRAMStorageNorthflank Price
Standard 014GB64GB$50.00nf-compute-100-414096MB64GB$67.20
Standard 218GB256GB$200.00nf-compute-200-818192MB256GB$148.80
Standard 3115GB512GB$400.00nf-compute-200-16116384MB512GB$273.60
Standard 4130.5GB768GB$750.00nf-compute-200-32132768MB768GB$470.40
Standard 5161GB1TB$1,400.00nf-compute-200-32165536MB1TB$780.00
Premium 024GB64GB$200.00nf-compute-100-424096MB64GB$134.40
Premium 228GB256GB$350.00nf-compute-200-828192MB256GB$297.60
Premium 3215GB512GB$750.00nf-compute-200-16216384MB512GB$547.20
Premium 4230.5GB768GB$1,200.00nf-compute-200-32232768MB768GB$940.80
Premium 5261GB1TB$2,500.00nf-compute-200-64265536MB1TB$1,560.00

Data: Heroku Redis vs Northflank Redis Addon

Heroku NameRAMConnectionsReplicasHeroku PricevsNorthflank NameRAMConnectionsReplicasNorthflank Price
Hobby Dev25MB201$0.00Developer Free256MBUnlimited1$0.00
Premium 050MB402$15.00
Premium 2500MB4002$120.00nf-compute-20512MBUnlimited2$10.82
Premium 51GB10002$200.00nf-compute-100-11024MBUnlimited2$36.00
Premium 77GB10,0002$750.00nf-compute-200-88192MBUnlimited2$144.00
Premium 910GB25,0002$1,400.00nf-compute-200-1616384MBUnlimited2$240.00

Private cloud: Heroku Private Space vs Northflank in your cloud

Northflank operates on a secure multi-tentant infrastructure. For some workloads or organisations this is not enough: teams would like to run their builds and deployments in their own VPC and own cloud account. To cater to this, Northflank has built a bring your own cloud (BYOC) experience.

Using Northflank you can create a project that deploys into your own AWS, GCP, Azure or Alibaba Cloud account. In the background Northflank provisions a managed GKE, EKS, AKS or ACK cluster. Clusters are ready for production deployments in minutes. Integrate with your existing infrastructure, billing arrangements, cloud credits and debugging and observability tools.

FeatureHeroku Private SpaceNorthflank BYOC
Dedicated, isolated application runtimes
Isolation for apps and data
Multiple geographic regions enable lower latency for globally distributed users
Ability to add private databasesPostgres and RedisPostgres, Redis, MySQL, MinIO, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
Services, jobs and databases inside a project communicate directly on a private network
Secure connections to external resources with Trusted IPs and Stable Outbound IPs
Audit logging for improved governance and data residency control
Keystroke logging of interactive one-off service sessions
Strict TLS enforcement disabling TLS 1.0 on all web apps
Services with encrypted volumes and disks
Postgres with encryption enforcement
Pricing$3000/monthStarting at $300/month

Get Started

This blog post in which we cover the recent development of Heroku as a company and all the available Heroku alternatives could be of interest.

Our documentation will show you how to migrate your Heroku projects on to Northflank. The migration process is straightforward and easy. You can use our automated import tool, or move your applications over manually.