PlanetScale Alternative: MySQL and Postgres Deployments

PlanetScale announced on March 6th that it would be laying off a large number of its team members and discontinuing the free tier, which will end on April 8th. The smallest paid plan is $39 per month. Developers have less than a month to migrate their databases to another hosting provider.

Northflank is a production alternative to PlanetScale. Northflank is a developer platform for your apps, databases, and cron jobs. You can deploy to our fully managed cloud or your own AWS, GCP, Azure, or Civo cloud accounts.

northflank postgres dashboard with ha


  • 1-click deploy of your SQL databases via UI, GitOps or CLI
  • Scale up horizontally and vertically
  • Invite team members to manage your database
  • Backups
  • Restores
  • Logs
  • Metrics
  • Forking
  • Northflank secure proxy
  • Public access via Load-balancer
  • Private network for your micro-services and jobs

Northflank's data services support:

  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Minio
  • MongoDB


Create a free account today in seconds which includes two free databases.


PlanvCPUMemoryStoragePrice per Container
nf-compute-100.1 shared256 MB1 GB$2.71/month
nf-compute-200.2 shared512 MB1 GB$5.41/month
nf-compute-500.5 shared1024 MB1 GB$12.00/month
nf-compute-100-11 dedicated1024 MB1 GB$18.00/month
nf-compute-100-21 dedicated2048 MB1 GB$24.00/month
nf-compute-100-41 dedicated4096 MB1 GB$36.00/month
nf-compute-2002 dedicated4096 MB1 GB$48.00/month
nf-compute-200-42 dedicated4096 MB1 GB$48.00/month

Deploy MySQL and Postgres to 4 Global Regions:

  • Europe West - London (Supports Free)
  • Europe West - Amsterdam
  • US Central (Supports Free)
  • Asia Singapore

Deploy MySQL to your own Cloud or Kubernetes

If you are concerned about hosting services shutting down access to your databases then consider Northflank BYOC. You have all the benefits of a Managed Provider for your MySQL and Postgres databases while maintaining control over your data residency, deployment regions, cloud expenses, and security.

MySQL Docs and Guides on Northflank today: