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3rd April 2022

Enhanced Deployment Overview, Notifications & Container Endpoints

We have improved the deployment overview component to give you clearer and more detailed information about the code or container image deployed on your services or running jobs.

Key three areas to highlight:

  • Currently deployed: details about the code or container image such as the name, when it was built and when it was deployed
  • Deployment source: displays the linked Northflank builder, its Git repository, whether a build is in progress or the external container registry source
  • Deployment workflow whether the deployment is set to deploy every new successful build from a specific branch or whether it is pinned to deploy a specific build or registry image

Accessing relevant information about your builds and deployment quickly is important. We have added helpful shortcuts to view deployment or build logs, change the command override and a shortcut to edit the deployment source.

Other features & fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where user webhook notifications could be delayed
  • Fixed an issue where Notification integrations could not be updated when missing a secret


  • Improved the container endpoint to reflect the updated platform schema
  • Fixed an issue where the API rate limit cache would not be cleared as expected

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